Friday, January 25, 2013

You are the temples of God.

"So I want to warn you, the time has come. Awaken yourself! Don't waste your time on nonsensical things. Awaken yourself. Once you have awakened yourself, you will realize that most of your time you have wasted so far. Now only you've come in the real timeless atmosphere of complete enjoyment of your being, and of others. But this is not just talking or lecture. It is not. It is the happening, the actualization, so you must have respect for yourself. You are the temples of God. So do not feel in any way guilty or anything; you are all temples of God. As I said, you are the most beautiful thing God has created, and with such care, with such beauty, that you'll be amazed when I tell you one by one tomorrow, how God has created so beautifully, and how this instrument is placed within you to play the melody of God's love. You'll be amazed!"

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi - 27 January 1983, extract from Public Programme, Delhi India.

Monday, December 13, 2010

You are transmitters...

What an idea! Come to think of it: 'we are transmitters'...this is the kind of stuff that keeps young people, boys or girls, dreaming for ages - unable to sleep. And we have lost the art of dreaming, of imagining...and sometimes when we read casually what Mother reveals to us in such simple, but oh! so profound terms, we are truly awestruck!
We are transmitters...! It's like reading and enjoying comic books like Batman and Robin, or Superman, or Spysmasher, or Captain Marvel. I did when I was young, and I used up all the money I earned at the golf course just buying those comic books. And when we couldn't buy a comic, we exchanged with someone else from our old stock, because those stories carried us into a wonderful world of imagination, where the good guys always had the last word. We can relive that today in reality, which is much better than reality TV! And it's all for free and so real...just imagine it...we are transmitters of Divine Love, and with this we can be agents of change!

Here's what Mother says:

You are transmitters

You are transmitters. Everywhere you are sitting in meditation you are transmitting vibrations, do you know that? At that time if you are thinking, say of your jobs and your other things which you have been thinking before, the transmission is poorer. Think of love. Think of the whole country, think of the whole world at that time. You are transmitters of these waves of love, and love will flow from you.

I told you once that you are made in the form of Ganesha, and that’s what you have to do. You know there are vibrations from you coming out. You are sending vibrations out, you know that. That means you are like any deity which is thrown out of the Mother’s, I mean Earth’s, womb, and a big temple is raised, and thousands of people go to worship that. And they say it is a temple, of a Jagrut Devta, means a person…jagrut means enlightened, awakened. And that’s just a stone, a stone that comes out and people build a temple on top of that and go there and worship that, while there are so many already sitting here, so many jagrut, realized souls. These are living, these are moving, these are understanding. They maneuvere. The stones only emit vibrations, to clear the atmosphere, but you, you can raise the Kundalini. They cannot raise the Kundalini, you can.

And what are you doing about it? Such a precious thing you have got. What are you doing about it? Is it because there is no business with it, that we are taking it so slowly? Supposing it’s an enterprise, then everybody would be up and doing. Is it? We have to change our ways and methods of understanding. The reward of God is thousand-fold than any enterprise can bestow upon you. When He blesses you, you wouldn’t even have words to thank Him, to that extent He goes.

Are we depending on Him or on our own old ways? We have to change very much, we have to transform ourself into new style of thinking. It is very, very important. I hope you’ll think about it, what I have talked to you today. Don’t take to life which has not brought any happiness to you. You have your friends, who are Sahaja Yogis. Change your friends. Change your methods of life. You’ll enjoy much more.

This is for you to understand, about yourself and about the importance of Sahaja Yoga. Unless and until it is an enterprise, nobody takes it up seriously. This is the style of Western thinking. It has to be whether it is hocus-pocus or real enterprise, doesn’t matter. As long as there is money exchanges, everybody is up, and doing. But when it comes to Sahaja Yoga, they have no time, even to meditate. Because we have not yet loved, we have not felt that love within ourselves. I wish you could all feel that depth of love. Then you would go all out, to work it out for yourself and for others.

H.H.Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, extract from Talk at Caxton Hall, 15/10/79

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Saturday, October 30, 2010

If you are one with the Divine

If you are one with the Divine, it looks after you. It has all the powers. Only one power it doesn’t have - to control you. If you want to ruin yourself, it gives you freedom…It is a complete freedom to do what you like with yourself. That is one thing it has given and that’s why you must curb down that freedom and respect the Divine Power. 
 Shri Mataji
Taken from Divine Cool Breeze, 2009 issue 2, Volume 22, Number 2, Page 18