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Mooladhara Chakra

The Mooladhara Chakra is placed at the very base of the spinal column. It has an important role as support for both the subtle body system and Kundalini, and so it is closely related to balance and stability. The Mooladhara Chakra is placed below the Mooladhara which houses the Kundalini. It is the foundation of the psyche, where it is grounded and supports the other centres. Any strong disturbance to its sensitivity throws the individual off-balance and causes mental disturbance.
The qualities of the Mooladhara Chakra are innocence and wisdom and eternal childhood. To awaken these you can use the affirmation, “Mother, please make me the innocence.”
The Mooladhara Chakra is the seat of our grounding force, our connection with Mother Earth. It is made of the Earth element and represents the beginning and primary principle of Life.
In the beginning, gross matter was created using the four-petalled Carbon atom as the first building block. Like Carbon this chakra has four petals, a stable configuration. The Earth is our vehicle for Life and is innocent in this role. She does not judge - matter simply is and supports. In the same way the innocence of a child simply is, without thinking, judgement or concern, and this quality is in concert with the innate pure wisdom of a child. Children often see and speak clearly. “From the mouth of babes”.
When this chakra is awakened its magnetic force starts working. A person whose Mooladhara Chakra is awakened has an inner sense of stability and direction. The qualities of this chakra are those of innocence, wisdom, purity and eternal childhood. These qualities are naturally inherent within each being, but we can through various practices damage this centre. This is the centre that governs the retention, elimination and sexual aspects of human beings.
An awakened and lively Mooladhara chakra brings forth spontaneous wisdom, innocence, dedication, purity and joy. Such a personality is auspicious, and contributes good fortune to his or her surroundings.
The presiding deity or personification of the Mooladhara chakra is Shri Ganesha, the child with the head of an elephant. He is innocent and helps us to remove obstacles in our way.
Clearing the chakras in the Subtle System is an important part of Sahaja Yoga. Sitting on Mother Earth is a very simple technique for clearing the Mooladhara Chakra. If you wish to find out more ways of clearing the chakras, you are very welcome to come to any of the Sahaja Yoga programs held throughout the world.

Shri Mataji's advice on Effortless Meditation

"In the same way vibrations are coming, they are radiated. What you have to do is to expose yourself to it. The best way is not to put in any effort. Don't worry at what point you have a problem. Say, many people during meditation, I have seen, if they catch somewhere they go on looking after it. You just don't have to worry. You just let it go and it will work by itself. So you don't have to put in any effort.
This is what meditation is.

Meditation means exposing yourself to God's grace. Now the grace itself knows how to cure you. It knows how to mend you, how to settle down itself to your own being, how to keep your Spirit kindled. It knows everything. So you don't have to worry as to what you have to do or what name you have to take what mantra you have to do. In meditation you have to do absolutely effortless, expose yourself fully and you have to be absolutely thoughtless at that time.

Supposing, possibly, you might not be thoughtless. At that time you have to just watch your thoughts, but do not get involved into them. You will find gradually as the sun rises, darkness goes away and the sun's rays go into every part and makes the whole place enlightened. In the same way your being will be completely enlightened but if you put in an effort at that time or try to stop something within you or try to give it a bhandan it will not.

Effortlessness is the only way into meditation, but you should not be lethargic about it - should be alert and watch it. The other side could be that people just dose off. No, you have to be alert. If you dose off, nothing will work out. That's another side of it. If you are lazy about it, nothing will work out. You have to be alert and open, absolutely aware, completely effortless, absolutely effortless. If you are absolutely effortless, meditation will work the best.

Don't think about your problem at all, whatever chakras you have, anything, just expose yourself to the vibration. See when the sun shines all the nature exposes itself to the sun and receives the sun the sun's rays start acting. In the same way the all-pervading power starts working. You are not to manoeuvre it, you are not to do anything about it. Just be effortless, absolutely effortless. Do not take any names (mantras). Do not bother if your Agnya is catching, this is catching, that is catching. It is working out.

It will go on working as long as it can and it will do the miracle that it has to do. You don't have to worry about it. It knows its job. But when you put an effort you actually create a barrier for it. So no effort is needed, be absolutely effortless and say 'let it go, let it go' - that's all.

No mantras are to be chanted. In case you find it's impossible then you can take my name, but there is no need even. When you put your hands toward me that is the mantra, it is sufficient, this gesture itself is mantra. You see there is no need to say it more, but the thought in the mind the emotion, is what we spread our hands to that and it should work. When this emotion is absolutely complete, there is no need to say any mantra - you go beyond it. So one has to be absolutely effortless, absolutely effortless.

Meditation is for your own ascent, is for your own capital gains that you have to have. But once you got it, you also achieve your powers. Like if you become the governor, you get the powers of the governor. At this time you don't have to think about anybody else. You are not put your attention towards anybody else but just receive, just receive it. Do not think about any other problem, but that you have to be absolutely effortless. It would work the best on the people who are
just receiving it.

You have problems, that's why you are here, but you cannot solve them, they are to be solved by divine power. This must be understood fully, that we cannot solve our problems. So leave it in the hands of divine power and expose yourself effortlessly, absolutely effortlessly. "

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi - London 1 Jan 1980

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Faith healing, associated with mostly bizarre practices, has gained momentum together with all kind of alternative healing practices. As the aging population pushes greater numbers in the geriatric wards of hospitals, at a neck breaking cost for health insurances systems, therapeutic processes make the cover page of Times Magazine, including some hogwash on the science of meditation extolling the TM fraud, which demonstrates the Magazine?s incompetence in the subject. But faith is hard to get by and it works only when the deity, in whom we have faith, can hear our plea and has the power to heal. In short, not often.
Yet, a more health conscious public realize the huge shortcomings of allopathic and antibiotic saturated medicine. Homeopathy depends on sensitive diagnosis, not always available. So where do we turn for an affordable healing process? Could the answer be so simple that we miss it? Here is just a suggestion: love is the greatest healer that relieves us of the buds of sickness before they degenerate in pathology. Do we fully realize the healing impact of a loving presence next to us? This presence, in fact, is the deeper definition of what constitutes ?a home?. All of us who go out in the real world come back home at the end of our day with some bruises of a kind or another: job anxieties, money worries, stress and pressures of all kinds take a toll. But living in the simple and giving love of someone close to us dissolve much of the strain! It makes it look relatively unimportant because the love we receive recharge in a very subtle but real way the energy supply that we lose in our daily skirmishes with life. We feel comfortable again, we touch in a humble, silent but pervasive manner the real wellness of being alive, and yes, life is beautiful.
A loving presence? It can be a grand mother, a child, a husband or wife, a sister or brother, a friend. These are various shapes and forms of the vessels containing ?if all is well ? the magic potion. It needs not be only in a lover shape for, ultimately, love is not something we make: it is something that flows through us. A liquid well being, streams of mellow and golden caress, a soothing tingling in the chest, a bath of exquisite fulfilment. Love is all that and more, much more because it is an energy that flows into us from God. Every one who loves carries it. And if you love your dog, it understands this. But do we?
So love works also in a therapeutic sense. The hurdle here is that love cannot be faked. I mean, when love is faked, it is not love. We cannot ask a nurse to start loving a patient or a manager to love his employees because this would accelerate the recovery of the patient or make the staff member more productive. In the best of the case, the nurse or the CEO would understand the point but this is not enough. Love does not work this way. To love, we must feel love, we must have it inside, and to have inside us, we must get it from somewhere. In other words is our cup full to the brim with love, half full or half empty or does it only contain a few drops? This will make a difference when we pour our cup onto someone else. It makes a difference to the effectiveness of our love.
Now the question arises: how to love? From where to get love? Or, how to fill the cup? If we do not get any love for ourselves, it is hard to give back any. The Beatles sang:? I need somebody to love? but many would also sing in tune ?I need somebody to love me?. So, most of us are depending on our emotional environment to be capable to give love back to this environment.
And precisely here we can get badly hurt: divorced parents, teenagers broken hearts, dysfunctional couples are many instances that dry up in us the flow of this subtle energy of love.
Besides, it looks a bit like a vicious circle because quite generally and even without acute emotional crisis, love seems to fizzle out in environments that do not sustain it. Ask the nurse with her hypochondriac patients, the teachers with kids that have no respect for them or the civil servant with the dreadful boss. Ounce upon a time, they wanted perhaps to serve, to give something to society, which is a form of love, but they grew tired.
Is there then a way out of the vicious circle?
Yes there is. Beyond filling the cup because another vessel pours its liquid into it, there is a magic way to fill the cup from inside. And this is what the High Yoga of raising the kundalini within the spine achieves. For the kundalini is the dormant depository of residual divine love within our intimate spiritual body. A yogi, who has his kundalini awakened, can tap the source through meditation. The advantage is that then, the energy can flow even in a "love deficit" environment.

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Children's Program in Myanmar

Children Program
Date : 12/01/2009
De :

Dear beloved sisters,

Subject Children Program:

Greetings from the Golden land. Last month I mentioned a Wushu class which requested for Sahaj program for about 15 children of varying ages. The aim of the Wushu head is to make the children become better in Wushu though Yoga. Although he was the one who invited me to teach Sahaja Yoga through a Wushu athlete who attended PP of Nov 15, he only attended the first class and never again since.

The children Class is every Saturday about one hour and usually after their practice of the Wushu. It has been 4 meetings since we started. The children easily understand and programs are more on raisng Kundalini, bandan, balancing and giving or testing vibrations. Since most of the time electricity is cut in the afternoon, we seldom can play music or VCDs. Also translators are different everytime and sometimes even driver helps to translate.

When we introduced the bandan using the hands, where right hand circulating the left hand, most of them wrote the wish that their parents are happy and healthy.

Should you have more program materials for children, like songs and play please keep on sending to Sangha.

Thanks for your attention.

Love from Mandalay,

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• Sahaja Yoga is a great new spiritual movement, which is growing rapidly throughout the world. Some would have it that Sahaja Yoga is actually a new religion. It was started by Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi in 1970.
• Shri Mataji was born in India during1923. She is a very high(ly) spiritual person who can be likened to a 'Messenger from God'.
• Sahaja Yoga is the fastest way to get your self realisation. Indeed you receive it on your first contact with Sahaja Yoga.
• In practical terms self realisation means the awakening of your kundalini, which is the sleeping dormant power within each one of us. The kundalini is located in the sacrum bone.
• Once you have learnt the very simple SahajaYoga meditation, which takes no more than 10 to 15 minutes twice a day, you will start growing spiritually. This is the prime purpose of Sahaja Yoga.
• Growing spiritually means that your ability forgive others and yourself, the control of your anger, your ability to love and show compassion, your creative ability, your ability to live in the present and other qualities will all improve.
• Your health can be expected to improve. Miracles cures are possible although this aspect of Sahaja Yoga depends on what you need rather than what you want. Sahaja Yoga helps to cure chemical addictions.
• Your life situation can be expected to improve in terms of your relationships with other people and also in terms of your financial position. Again this is in terms of what you need rather than what you want.
• Your power of prayer will greatly improve.
• Sahaja Yoga is a very practical and easily understood spiritual path. Shri Mataji has given hundreds of talks which, are all available on audio tapes, videos and CDs. These deal with how we are expected to behave and live our lives. The content of this knowledge is all free of charge.
Contribution by Huntly Reid from Cape Town.

Shri Mataji spoke about this knowledge and how to master it during a talk at Rahuri, in Maharashtra, on 31/12/80.
A full transcript can be found Nirmala Yoga no.1, pp20-21 but there is dearth of these old documents. So it helps to be able sometimes to have just a snippet from some of the treasures that Mother has left us. She was speaking on Nirmal Vidya, the Pure Knowledge of the Divine.
Here is Shri Mataji in her own words:

Nirmala Vidya
It is the special power by which we do all Divine work, even forgiving. When you say, "Mother forgive us", the technique by which I forgive you is Nirmala Vidya. The technique by which I love you is also Nirmala Vidya. The technique by which all the mantras are manifesting themselves and are effective is also Nirmala Vidya.

Nirmala means pure, Vidya means knowledge. Nirmala Vidya is purest knowledge or the knowledge of this technique. It creates loops, the energy creates loops and creates also different formations by which it acts and draws all that is unwanted, impure, and fills it up with its power. ...

How subtle it is. Only by saying Nirmala Vidya, you just invite that power, the whole thing, the whole technique to attend to you and it attends to you. You dont have to worry. ... That technique is called Nirmala Vidya. That technique once mastered, by surrendering into it, it completely obeys, absolutely.

H.H.Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, extract from Talk at Rahuri, Maharashtra, 31/12/80.
Full transcript in Nirmala Yoga no.1, pp20-21

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Significance of Diwali Events

" There are five days they celebrate there... "
“…… you know there are five days they celebrate there. The first day is the thirteenth day, where it is the gruhalaksmi’s day that is the day when the gruhalaksmi is worshipped. But a gruhalakshmi has to be worthy of the worship, and then some utensil is given, to the gruhalakshmi. Some sort of a utensil is to be given to the gruhalakshmi as a present. That is the day Lakshmi was born, Lakshmi, was born out of the Mother Earth, out of the, we should say Mother Earth, but She came out of the Sea, after the churning, so that is the birth of the Lakshmi. She’s the giver of wealth. Wealth which is material as well as spiritual. ...
So that’s the day of the gruhalakshmi when She’s born. She must have these qualities, if she’s a miserly, calculating type of a woman; she is not a woman at all to begin with. If she’s worried about her own clothes and her own comforts and her own things then she’s not a gruhalakshmi. She makes others work and sits down and all orders about, she’s not a gruhalakshmi at all. She has to work, for others, she has to do for others, she has to look after. That’s the thirteenth day.
Then the fourteenth day is the day when Narakasura was killed. You know Narakasura has taken his birth, and he’s to be killed, the Sahaja Yogis are going to kill him. You have to come up to a point and definitely he can be killed. When Kartikeya is awakened within you, he can be killed. But for that you have to be just like gold, untarnishable. You need strong people to do that. A sword that can kill him has to come out of your [metals or mettles]. Then Narakasura can be killed. He is one of the worst possible asuras. That is the fourteenth day. When he was killed, the gate of hell was opened and, all those where, his disciples or his followers or satanic people were put. That’s the only day you can sleep late, and a good news for you.
Then the fifteenth day, is the darkest night, which we had, darkest night. That is the night when you put the lights on, because it is the darkest night the negative forces can walk in. So the lights are put, because Lakshmi can come in. You’ll be surprised how Lakshmiji is, that if a bottle of wine enters from one end, She disappears from another. ... That’s the responsibility of women, to keep the Lakshmi intact. So that’s the Lakshmi Day when we say that Lakshmi Puja takes place because that is the day you invite the Lakshmi to come in, the Rajalakshmi, the Lakshmi by which you become the king of the family or the, royal, benevolence you can call it, the regal, feeling in the family, that is the day.
Then comes the day, next to that is the first, of the month in, that is the calendar, My forefathers, because you’re all My children you have to use the same calendar Shalivahanas calendar and that is the first day of the Shalivahanas calendar. And what do they do in the morning time, to celebrate it, they take one of these, jars, Aquarius, and put a shawl with it, and that is put as a flag, representing the Aquarius and the Shawl of the Mother. That’s why they are called as Shalivahana, the ones who carry the Shawls of the Mother. The Carriers of the Shawls of the Mother. That’s how they put it up. The shawl on top of it the Aquarius, this should be actually the flag of the Sahaja Yogis, that you make it the, Aquarius or we can say the, jar, what do you call that, pitcher, or not pitcher but this lota business what do you call that - there’s nothing used like that here. That one is to, kumbha we can call in kumbha, and the shawl is there, so they put it up that’s why they call it as Gudi Padwa means - first day of the moon is Padwa Gudi means this. So they put it up and that is how they say that today is the New Year day, for the Shalivahanas.
Shawl is the covering of your Mother, which gives it warmth and also, it covers her modesty. Shawl is a sign of regality and modesty and chastity. So you stand for that, of your Mother. You protect it, like Ganesha does. Only on one point He gets angry, if anybody says or does anything against the Mother, then He comes down. That’s why Christ has said: ‘Anything against Me I’ll tolerate, but anything against the Holy Ghost, will not be forgiven.’ That’s the Son, talking about the Mother, that’s what happens.
So today is, the second day. Second day is the Bij, is the, they call it the, Bhav-bij or Bhaubij is the day when the brother, and the sister, who are the seeds, of one tree, have that, pure exchange of affection. The sister does the aarti of the brother, gives him a tika and then brother gives her something as a token of his love, as a present.
... So this is the fifth day is Dwija. So from thirteenth, to the fifth day they celebrate Diwali. For us Diwali has a very great significance that is, from one light many lights are awakened and they are put in a line, so they are called as Diwali - means ‘the lights put in a line’. So when you hold My Hands together all of us, through that, the energy passes and the enlightened rasa is established, and the whole world has to become, that beautiful [rain or reign], of your Mother where, nothing but the bliss of your Father, and His enjoyment, when He sees, His Own Creation dancing, in that Ocean of Bliss. May God Bless you. (H.H.Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, Speech extract from Diwali Puja, Hampstead, London, 1983)

" Now, there are many things that have happened during these four days and that’s how it is celebrated with such a great enthusiasm "
“……..Here we are here, all of us, to celebrate a four-day festival called as Diwali. Diwali comes from the word dipali in Sanskrit, the word deepa means ‘the light’, and ali means the ‘line’, the ‘rows’. Now, there are many things that have happened during these four days and that’s how it is celebrated with such a great enthusiasm. The first thing is the day of the Lakshmi’s birth, that is the thirteenth day of the moon: teras they call it. Is the real day when Lakshmi was born out of the sea; that’s why She is called as Miriam or Mariam. Word ‘Mari’ or ‘Marie’ also comes from the word ‘sea’. So, She’s born out of the sea, is created out of the sea. And the wealth of the sea, so far, thank God, human beings have not yet exploited, but they may one day start doing that also. And a lot of wealth is still there, so when people start getting worried about exhausting the Mother Earth, we must know that sea is much more than the earth is. So nothing is exhausted, still there is such a lot reserve for you, and one should not worry as to the supply of wealth that can come from the sea.
Now, this Lakshmi is the goddess, who stands on the lotus. She represents all the well-being, the wealth, the glory of wealth, the decoration of wealth; whichever is auspicious. Whatever is not auspicious is not wealth. According to Sahaja yoga, or according to any scripture, it is not wealth at all. So She’s a lady who stands on a lotus, showing that a person, who has got wealth, has to be a person who does not assert his pressures on people, who doesn’t push people around, who doesn’t pressurize. And then, She’s a lady, She’s a mother. So wealth, is the first opening to our seeking. But when you start seeking the wealth, you realize that the superficial wealth that you are seeking is not sufficient, is not going to give you complete joy. So you start seeking the deeper wealth. As I said that: ‘On the Mother Earth you’ve exploited all that is possible.’ Still there, deep down in the sea, lot of wealth still.
So then the seeking moves toward the deeper seeking. So the same Lakshmi becomes Mahalakshmi. When you start expanding yourself to higher and deeper valuables then this Lakshmi doesn’t lure you much; She’s just there for your glory, but not for your satisfaction. The wealth is there for distribution. You enjoy the - there’s no word for daan, I think? Oh, ‘generosity’, but ‘generosity’ is different. But what I’m saying: ‘Generous fondness’; it’s a fondness, you see, that you should be generous. That is a very great happiness and joy that you feel. That is the greatest, when you are generous, when you give away. That’s a fondness, that’s a kind of a human expression of one’s own being, that you want to be generous. And this generosity only can come when Mahalakshmi principle is born in you.(H.H.Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, Speech extract from Diwali Puja, London, 1982)

" First of all you have to know there are four days that are celebrated in Diwali, but there is one more day added to it in Maharashtra. "
“………First of all you have to know there are four days that are celebrated in Diwali, but there is one more day added to it in Maharashtra. The first day of Diwali is called as Dhanatrayodashi, is the thirteenth day of the moon. Because that day is the first day when Lakshmi, the first… was born on the thirteenth day. That means She was born as a Gruha Lakshmi, as a housewife. Now there are eight Lakshmis. ... the first is the form of a Gruha Lakshmi. She is born as a Gruha Lakshmi to begin with. That means the awareness of human beings also, started really getting into evolutionary process when they started their family life. When they were vagabonds moving about, then the awareness was just like animals. Though they had become human beings, but they were like animals. Then when they established their families, then the Gruha Lakshmi started working and that's how the first advent of Gruha Lakshmi was felt. So She is the first Lakshmi who was born, and that's why on that thirteenth day is the day of the Gruha Lakshmi, of the housewife. And so one has to go in the market and buy some utensil or something that she uses for cooking in the house. In India on the thirteenth day everyone goes and buys a pot or say… we can say, what you call, a cooking utensil or something. Or they may buy a sari or something or gold or something for the Gruha Lakshmi. That is the day of the housewife. So, to reach the Lakshmi one has to understand that motherhood is very important.
The motherhood as a Gruha Lakshmi is important. And the second day is even more important, because Narakasura was killed. Horrible Narakasura as you know him. But actually that day many rakshasas are killed in many… That's the day fixed for killing rakshasas. And then they are put in the hell; on the fourteenth day they are put in the hell. So that’s called as Naraka Chaturdashi, that is the day when the hell is opened out. That day Sahaja Yogis are supposed to sleep in the night while everybody does all kinds of tantrikavidya and all that on the fourteenth.
Then the fifteenth is that darkest night, that’s the darkest night when there is no moon. Absolutely that's the day when they celebrate the Diwali. But symbolically in India also, Shri Rama returned to Dwari, to his place on that day and was crowned on that day. So the significance of Diwali is expressed in this manner, that this is the day when Narakasura, with all of them are killed, they have all gone to Narak, they have gone to the hell, and the people now are safe from them and they are celebrating the joy. And that is the time when Christ was born. That's why lights are lit just in the night, ‘cause He was born at twelve o'clock in the night.
So the next day to that is the day is celebrated in India only in Maharashtra. ... That's the first day of the moon. That is the forefather of your Mother, Shalivahana; they started a calendar, from that date. And so on the first, that means the first day of the moon, the New Year is celebrated. Now see symbolically if Christ is born and the New Year is celebrated, next day. As soon as He is born New Year starts. So next year it starts: the New Year. That is a New Year in many parts of our country where Shalivahana lived. The Shalivahan was my forefather, I should say they were My… they were just a dynasty. And this dynasty ruled in India since very long. Even in the old puranas it is written that they helped Krishna in their war. You know all the story about Shalivahana quite a lot. And so the New Year started. So for us, that is the New Year, for Sahaj Yogis that is the New Year, you have to accept it. And your Mother is of that dynasty. I mean no force on you, but if you like you can have it.
Then the second day is also very important. Is the second day is the moon, that is the moon came out of the sea. According to this mythology, the Lakshmi came out of the sea and with Her this moon came out, which was only a two-day-old moon, the new moon but a two-day-old moon, and this was regarded as the brother of Lakshmi, because they were born at the same time from the sea. So He is the brother of Lakshmi. It’s all symbolic; this is very, very symbolic. Now you see the left side is… left side you know is that of… belongs to Mahakali, and a brother had to be on this side, on the left side. But actually you'll be amazed that he is the brother of Lakshmi. He is not a brother of Mahakali. But because he’s the brother of Lakshmi, he is accepted as the brother of all the goddesses, one brother for all of them. So he is the only brother who is this moon, so he is your uncle, he is your maternal uncle. It's very interesting, because we have a special right on our maternal uncle, we can always ask for his help”. (H.H.Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, Speech extract from Mahalakshmi Puja, Hampstead, London, 9/11/1980)

" It’s the day of Mahalakshmi Puja night, not only of Lakshmi Puja; there’s a difference between the two. "
“……..It’s the day of Mahalakshmi Puja night, not only of Lakshmi Puja; there’s a difference between the two. Mahalakshmi is one of the main powers of Adi Shakti. As you know: Mahalakshmi, Mahasaraswati, Mahakali. Now these powers have powers at a material level also, at a subtler level also. So Mahalakshmi power is achieved after Lakshmi power, as you know. There are eight powers of Lakshmi.
This Lakshmi was born or came out of the sea, the great sea, which was churned thousands and thousands of years back. And She came out of the sea because She is the daughter of the sea. That's why She's called as Neeraja. Neera means 'water' and ja means 'born out of.' This has happened thousands and thousand years back that She was born. So what is that? What is this Lakshmi? See symbolically, what is it expressing? It is expressing the awareness. Lakshmi expresses awareness, and She came out of the sea, you know that; the awareness first started growing in the sea.
The life started existing in the sea, to begin with, and then it grew out. Without the life there is no awareness. First the life, because everything is jarda, everything is dead, and when it becomes life it means it has awareness. So the awareness started growing in the sea. This is the symbolic expression. In the gross level you can understand this way. But actually the subtle level, it is the other way round. But because we see things from the gross level, we say that "that is symbolic,” but actually from the other side if you say, “this is symbolic.” Do you understand this point? So for Me it is symbolic to see how the life came into being in the sea and that it became aware. For Me it is symbolic and for you it is symbolic the other way round. I mean if I see something from this side, I see this way and while you see from that side you see this way. Do you understand this? If you want to paint something on a glass, how do you paint it on the glass? Have you any idea? You start painting first the outermost things that you have to paint. For example if you are painting the Goddess, first you will paint Her ornaments, then Her sari, then Her body. Like that it will be moving deeper from this side, if you are painting it on the glass, because you have to see it from the other side. But supposing you have to paint it on a canvas, you’ll paint it the other way round. You first paint the body, then the sari and then the ornaments. So to one thing it is symbolic because they think this goes from their angle, to the other person who is from the other angle this is absolutely symbolic. And surprising that everything is so symbolic and so much just the same, that whatever you may say, the subtle remains subtle and the gross remains gross. The one who is at the subtle level sees the gross as a symbolic expression of his subtle attention.
Now She was born in the sea. She was called as Neeraja. Or Neera that means “water.” My name is – one of them is Nira as you know; out of Nirmala one name is Nira, Neema and Neela, like that I've got three names, four names I should say the big one is Nirmala. So this Nira part means what, that She was born in the sea, that… the name of Mary is also the same. Miriam or Mary, I don't know how you say in English, but Maria comes from Marie, the word Mari. Mari itself comes from the word Meri. So this Mahalakshmi, Mary is named, and She is, because She was born in the sea and that's how Her name was Mary. Mariana they call Her, some people call Her Mariana, sometime call Her Miriam. All these words are indicating that She was born in the sea. So She is Mahalakshmi. Now Mary is Mahalakshmi and Ganesha is the child. Now see how symbolically it works, that only in Diwali the Lakshmi and the Ganesha are worshipped, only these two personalities. Can you understand that?
The symbol of Mahalakshmi for Me is Mary, for you it is Mahalakshmi is the symbol. And the symbol of Ganesha outside is Christ. He is symbolizing Ganesha. So, both of them are worshipped only on Diwali. Actually this is the Christmas. This is the real Christmas that was before also, and this was the time baby Christ was born, not the 25th of December. Though it's a misunderstanding, doesn't matter, keep it up. Doesn't matter, whenever He’s born, because there used to be a very big festival, and after the festival He was born, called as Valaanan. I don’t know what you call in modern times, that time it was called like that. And then this child was born and that was the time Christmas was celebrated. It was just tallying with that, but somehow it shifted, I don't know how, how it shifted. And there might be somewhere you'll find out that real Christmas was shifted.
... Now the awareness that was seeking up to Lakshmi, means you achieve money, achieve position for achieving Grace, once you have achieved the Grace of this, you want to achieve God. And this new awakening within you that you have to achieve God now, is the power of Mahalakshmi. By the power of Mahalakshmi only, you achieve your saintliness, your Realization. That's why She came on this earth as the Mother of Jesus Christ. That was Mahalakshmi, not Lakshmi but Mahalakshmi.
May God bless you. (H.H.Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, extract from Shri Mahalakshmi Puja, Hampstead, London, 9/11/80)

Saturday, January 3, 2009

The Heart Gives You Security

In small, small things we destroy our security … The complete security within yourself is that you are the Self and these things and these things are not important. If you are a secured man, your children will also find that out, that their security lies in finding their own security. They themselves will say, “Now don’t try to help us, to spoil us. Do not give us things by which we feel more insecure.” And such children will be really brave children like Shivaji was. His mother gave him all the protection, no doubt, but she made a Shivaji out of him…Feel your own security and then the joy of that security will take you to your depth.

Why are you insecure in life? Money? The person who has got, who has got now the blessings of the Divine, what more does he want? Because your God is Almighty, nobody’s might is greater than that of your Father. Nobody can touch you on any point. But your faith is lacking and that’s why you should start with your faith in yourself. Make the faith sit in your Heart chakra and that faith is going to give you the joy of security. Faith is the answer for all the insecurities of the world… The essence of the Heart chakra is to feel your own security, your own Self. Feel your own security within yourself. Only the realised can feel their security because they know they have their atma, their spirit.

Srhi Mataji, 20th December 1979, quoted in Divine Cool Breeze

Vol. 21 Number Two, March-April 2008.